Funday Mondays: Things To Do With Your Friends

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No more MCMs guys! Its now Fundays Mondays which consist of just the miscellaneous shit we want to talk about today. So I wrote a blog post a little while back on things you can do on a Friday night if you’re A) Broke, B) On a budget, or C) A college kid. Well I decided to elaborate on those things, but to something you can do any day of the week, any time of the day. That’s just chill, be around each other. My friends and I just discovered how fun a chill night in is. We play video games, talk, watch movies, its really fascinating. We really grow over these little moments. So if you’re the group of party people, stay in for a night, take a break from the alcohol madness or marijuana extravaganza, and just be around each other. If you already do this, then do the opposite. Learn more about the people you hang out with by seeing them in a different light. Create all kinds of different memories, because one day, the people who once mattered in your life may not matter anymore, or won’t be there anymore. Cherish the moment, laugh at the jokes that aren’t that funny, call each other names, don’t be afraid to be the adults on the playground, and lastly, don’t forget to appreciate each other for who you guys are and what you do, because there’s no one in the world who will know the real you better than your best friends.

-Jay c:

P.S. What are some of your favorite moments from your best friend(s)? Mine had to be a scavenger hunt we put together, it was tons of fun and competitive c:


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