Poetry Time: Gore -Glittr

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Saw traps are sadistic,
Yet Final Destination’s more realistic.
My stomach’s churning
While she’s burning.
Let me close my eyes, 
while she meets her demise.
I know it’s all fake,
But it’s fun to watch ’em bake.
Rated R, 
That’s my par.
Make’em die,
Watch ’em cry.
I need to throw up,
Quick! Gimme a Cup!
Im at the edge of my seat,
While she’s getting beat.
Deform the face,
Ooops, she forgot to tie her shoelace.
His guts are spewing,
It’s all Jason’s doing.
You think you can run,
You’re just making it fun.
Don’t trip and fall,
Or hit your head on the wall.
Try and scream,
But getting found’s a distant dream.
You’re about to be stew,
Freddy’s Coming For you.

*This is a poem that I wrote in 11th grade. I love it and I hope you do too.




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    […] Poetry Time: Gore -Glittr (theanonyus.wordpress.com) […]

    […] Poetry Time: Gore -Glittr (theanonyus.wordpress.com) […]

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