My Zombie Apocalypse Dream Team

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Okay so there are a few people I would definitely choose to have at my disposal during a zombie apocalypse.

-Daryl Dixon
This badass motherfucker is my number one choice. He can literally do the work of 10 people and still have room to take care of a baby. Stay badass Daryl.

Okay she is a bad bitch! If there’s anyone in ‘The Walking Dead’ who can give Daryl a run for his money its this bitch! From her IDGAF attitude to her samari sword, she’d be on my team in a heart beat.

-Carl Grimes
Okay in the beginning he was a stupid ass child, but now you gotta admit, he can shoot. I would need some good foot soldiers. Not only that, but he has the emotional response of a Vulcan. He feels nothing! I mean did you see the season finale when he shot that kid in cold blood. I don’t blame him! He’s a motherfucking badass!

-Sam/Dean Winchester
They hunt demons, vampires, werewolves, GODS! I’m pretty sure shooting a few zombies in the head would be a walk in the park for these two brothers! A couple more valuable foot soldiers!

-Katniss Everdeen
This bitch can shoot an arrow like its nothing. Im sure if I team her and Daryl as my tower guards, NOTHING! Would get even 2 feet of my prison without getting shot directly in the eye everytime.

-Lenord McCoy
What? I need a doctor right? What doctor knows more than Bones? None of them. I could use his crazy medical expertise.

-Tobias Eaton
Like i said, I need some foot soldiers. Tobias can shoot his ass off as well as throw some knives like a badass! I would definitely be adding him to my army of elite soldiers.

-Jay c:

P.S. Who is your zombie apocalypse dream team?


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