Jays Favs Fridays: Places I Want To Be!

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So there are a few places I would love to be right now at this very moment!

5. Tokyo, Japan
-I love everything about it! The lights, technology, ANIME!!!!!

4. London, England
-I love British boys! Their accents are amazing!!! I really want to see Big Ben also c:

3. Rio De Janerio, Brazil
-I really want to visit this tropical place down south! I hear its absolutely beautiful! I also love the movie Rio c:

2. Paris, France
-I believe this is where every woman dreams of ending up sometime in life! One day I will lay my eyes upon the Mona Lisa and other classic works of art as well as the Eiffel Tower c:

1. Chris Pines Bed.
-Lmao I had to do it! I would give up traveling outside of the US just to get in this mans bed! Don’t judge me assholes! I know there’s someone out there you would do the same for!

OMG! This picture though! Gosh my body can’t handle the heat! Stooop it!

What I dream of waking up to:

-Jay c:

P.S. Where is one place you would love to travel? Also, who’s the one person you would give up the chance of traveling out of your country to spend a night with? c;


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