Helpful Thursday: Take Chances, Make Mistakes, Get Messy! XD Glittr

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My very first “Helpful Thursday” post so here goes…

Ever wonder 100 years from now if you’re gonna be remembered? My advice to you: make a difference in the world, do something great. Be daring, be bold, try new things. You don’t wanna look back on life and think “I wish I would’ve done something with my life”. Life is so short,  live it well.

Don’t be afraid to mess up, because you probably will make some mistakes along the line, that’s what makes us human. I would rather screw up a few times than to play it safe all the time.

Go sky diving, ask out that cute boy that works at the mall, invent the cure for cancer, run for president. Do whatever you want to do and do it before it’s too late. Life is so precious and short, savor every moment.

Like Mrs. Frizzle always says “Take chances, make mistakes, get messy!”

Until next time lovelies,




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