Favorites Friday: Tekken Characters -Glittr

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10 Lili

Lili is sexy as hell and can do some pretty badass stuff with her legs. Nuff said.

9 Unknown

Unknown looks scary as hell. She has super powers wich adds too her awesomeness.

8 Michelle

Michelle is really strong and one of the original female characters. She was my favorite back in the day.

7 Eddie

File:Eddy Gordo TTT2.png

Eddie would be a stripper in the real world. He has awesome maneuvers and its very hard to battle against him.

6 Lars

Lars has the perfect combination of both power and speed.

5 Jun

File:Jun Kazama (TTT2).png

Jun looks really slender and unintimidating, yet you soon realize she is a beast. Her combo moves are often difficult to defend against and she’s really powerful. She is cousins with Asuka if I remember correctly.

4 Marshal Law


Law is an OG. He goes back all the way to Tekken 1 and is still around. His kicking moves are really cool and his design was even inspired by Bruce Lee.

3 Christie

Christie is so annoying to battle with because it can be very difficult to block her moves. Her moves are mostly low moves and very “flowy”.

2 Alisa

Alisa is fucking awesome. She has wings and all her moves are really cool. Plus, she has pink hair. Another bonus đŸ™‚

1 Asuka

Asuka is a bad bitch. She has super powerful moves, yes she’s also really fast. She has the same move set as her cousin Jun, but I prefer her for reasons unknown to me.




One thought on “Favorites Friday: Tekken Characters -Glittr

    TheAnonymoUS_4 responded:
    08/03/2013 at 12:49 PM

    Ohh Michelle! I remember her! I played her all the time in Tekken 3! (or 2 idkk its been too long.)
    -Jay c:

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