Worldly Wednesday: When should parents let teens make their own decisions? -Glittr

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Hello. Today as my very first Worldly Wednesday, I decided to talk about parenting and teens addressing the question: When should parents let teens make their own decisions?

There Is no simple answer to the question. Allowing teens to make their own decisions (i.e. is the want to smoke, how late should they stay out, drinking, tattoos, sex) should be a process. As a younger teen, children should begin to receive freedom to make their own mistakes, however, the parent should have final authority in many matters. As a teen, you are still figuring out who you are, what your place is in life. When you look back, you may be grateful your parent didn’t allow you to get a Miley Cyrus tattoo on your back, or skip that last week of school in 8th grade. As they grow older, slowly begin to make the transition from teen and adult, giving them more freedom as they get older, accepting that they will be an adult soon and you will have no choice but to allow them to make choices.

Keep in mind, just because you tell someone to do something, doesn’t mean they’ll always listen. Just because you tell your child she can’t have a boyfriend until she’s 15 doesn’t mean she won’t do it anyway.

As a teen grows older, she has to make her own decisions. Keep in mind, teens are adults when they turn 18. By then, he or she is an adult and should have complete authority over their life. The best you can do is hope they took into account some of your advice and opinions and trust that you did a good job raising them.




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