Who’s that behind you??

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So it’s that time of day when you walk into the bathroom, you swiftly undress. You think you’re all alone, naked and hopping straight into the shower. Did you notice that pale figure of a man watching you as he sits on the toilet or basically just stared you down as your were in your own world?
Well when I think about ghosts, or any other paranormal beings, I think about if it was all true (which I am neither confirming or denying its existence). Those perverted dead people just wandering around watching me all the damn day.
It creeps me out how as you’re reading this post, there’s someone with you in the very same room, when you swear that its only you.

In my opinion, I can say that I do believe in the paranormal but to some extent. Growing up in a historically old town, I’ve had my share of unexplainable occurrences. Such as the shadows that appeared in my middle school basement, or hearing the organ play by itself in an old church convent, and don’t get me started on latino urban legends.

The reason for this post is because I just walked to my kitchen in my dark house. As I walked back to my room, I heard foot steps as if someone following me. I admit I was a bit spooked but I debunked it as being the creepily loud ticking of the wall clock.

So do you guys believe in GHOSTS? Have any creepy tales that you can’t explain?
So what are you waiting for? Casper’s expecting your next shower…
-Rodolfo C.



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