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Okay so here’s a really fun twitter trend I decided to share with my blogosphere!!

1. I laugh a lot. I will defiantly LOL just to try and get your attention.

2. I will stalk your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine, Myspace lmao (who am I kidding, if I find you on MySpace I’d be like….dafuq?), ECT. I’ll start adding you and following you on everything.

3. I’ll gradually start to talk to you. That way I can get to know you better. Also to find some common ground (nerdiness, movies, music, ECT.)

4. I’ll ask you if you’ve been to a certain thing or convention (Warped Tour, Edgefest, South by Southwest, Akon, Comic Con, ECT.) and rave on about it if you haven’t, and if you have talk about how great it was.

5. I’ll ask if you wanna chill sometime or go to a party or something. That’s how you know im making a move towards asking for your phone number.

6. I’ll ask for your number (if im confident enough).

7. I’ll text you within the next day asking you a lame question to start a conversation.

8. I’ll start dressing up more. If you notice I go from sweats and sweatshirts with my hair up and no make up on to dressing like I give a fuck about society, its because I like someone.

9. Boom! I’ll tell you I like you! (I never get to this point) lol

– Jay c:

P.S. So yeahh that’s what I do when I like someone. What are some ridiculous things you do when you’re crushing! I’m terrible with flirting and ishh. Especially texting. I just can’t do it lol


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