Gen 1 Pokemon Favorites -Glittr

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Sooo here’s my top 10 generation 1 (the first 151) Pokemon. I’m a big pokemon nerd so I thought this would be fun. These aren’t necessarily the most powerful, just the ones i like the most.

Heads up, my favorite type is fire.

10. Lapras

Super cool water type, need I say more. Whenever you used surf, that was the only pokemon that looked like it was supposed to in the games.

9. Bulbasaur

Bulbasaur is awesome. One of the few grass times I am fond of.

8. Kadabra

Pretty sure this made everyones top 10 list, well Kadabra or Alakazam. I prefer Kadabra because you had to trade to get it’s evolution, so I never really got to bond with Alakazam.

7. Zapdos

I didn’t wanna put a ton of legendaries on this list, but Zaptos is legit you guys.

6. Eevee

This is where my girly side comes out. Eevee isn’t necessarily powerful, but it’s so damn cute! Plus, the possibilities are endless as far as evolving goes.


I kn ow Mewtwo is most peoples pick, but Mewtwo is so overrated that i prefer Mew.

4. Gengar

Ghost types are so much fun, and really frustrating to battle against.


Squirtle is pretty cool and my favorite gen 1 water type. Ash’s squrtle is too cool with his shades.

2. Ninetales

Ninetales is awesome, so is vulpix. I warned you guys I love fire types.


Charizard is just a badass, point blank. I admit i’ve grown pretty attached to the starter Pokemon and i almost alway start off with Charmander in pokemon blue and red.


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