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So here’s the main Fandoms I’m in: 


Yep Im a hunter and damn proud. Hot guys and awesome adventures…who can resist?

Hunger Games

Yup, im a trubute. I’ve read all the books and fangirled out when i discovered they were gonna make it into movies. Catching Fire Comes out on my birthday!


Also a trainer. If you didn’t watch Pokemon growing up, I pity your childhood. Pokemon has and will forever be a part of my life.

Game of Thrones

Thronies/Brotherhood. GOT ish be goin down. This show has played with my emotions waaay too much.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Slayer. I didnt watch it’s original air but i watched it last year on netflix. I was obsessed! this show is crazy good. Go Spuffy!

True Blood

Trubie. Sex, vampires, and more sex. Its like twilight, only not stupid and annoying . And vampires don’t sparkle.

Doctor Who

Whovian. Im a pretty new fan, but im COMPLETELY OBSESSED. O and I ship Rose and the Doctor forever and always.

Harry Potter

Potterhead. After all this time? Always.


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