Teach You Thursday: What Pisses Me Off

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So there are a number of things that piss me the fuck off. One thing in specific is people who don’t say thank you when you hold the door open for them. I’m like “Bitch im not your motherfucking door man. I did that shit as a favor, so say thank you hoe!”. It pisses me off as you can see. Another thing that makes me so angry is jaywalkers when a car is like 2 feet away. I will not slam on my breaks because your stupid ass decided to cross the street right when my car was about to cross your path. You’re a grown man! Learn to look both fucking ways before you cross the street! Something else that pisses me off? When people bring their whinny baby to a movie theater. I want to seriously stab that lady. Your baby is like 4 months old and you bring her to a crowded theater so she can fucking cry and cry disrupting everyone’s movie?! Get your motherfucking life straight bitch! You’re a mom! Stay home with your whining child! The last thing that im going to talk about is…people who wear sunglasses at night or indoors. It does not make you look cool! You look like a Jersey Shore duchebag! (I mean the show) its not cute! Its idiotic and its not very logical! Please stop this! Especially at night! “I’m sorry but the dark is too bright”…….that’s how I mock people who wear sunglasses at night…..they sound stupid right? So what’s the lesson to be learned? If you do ANY of these things, I currently hate you. No just kidding, but if you do do these things, stop it right now. That shit is stupid.

-Jay c:

P.S. What are some things that really get under your skin? Let me know c: and quick note, I’m changing Fridays to Jays Favs Fridays.


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