Jays Favs Friday: Things to Have Around

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So there are a few things I am pretty sure I would die without.

5. Pizza!
-I am a fatass, stuffed crust pizza is like my best friend lol.

4. Movies!
-I am a huge movie buff c: I like to memorize lines and explain plot lines. I’m pretty good at it.

3. Books!
-Reading is my escape. If I didn’t have a book, I would probably do drugs.

2. My Cellphone!
-This little bastard is my life! I would go crazy without it.

1. Internet!
-I watch a lot of Netflix and use a lot of social media, so I would personally crash and burn without this.

-Jay c:

P.S. What are some things that are really important to you? Let me know down bellow c: (no dirty joke intended c:)


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