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So here’s a twitter trend I really think is funny c: for those of you who are entering high school as the unforgiving title of “freshman” I have a few tips on how to survive your first year.

1. Never walk around like you own something. Its the easiest way for the Juniors and Seniors to make fun of you. “look at her acting like she runs something. Fucking freshman” trust me, you don’t wanna be that person.

2. Don’t try to do something that you think will make you look cool. (lie about sex, partying, drugs) you’re only 14, the 18 year old seniors will know better than to believe your bullshit.

3. Try to out “do” the Seniors. When I was a Senior, the freshman class claimed to be better than us, lets just say twitter didn’t like that too much. Please do yourselves a favor and put in your dues. Everyone works their way to their Senior year, it doesn’t just happen

4. Be proud to be a Freshman, just not too proud. You made it to high school! Celebrate, But don’t be to cocky, remember, you are still bottom of the food chain.

5. Keep up with your work. Failing all of your classes doesn’t make you cooler, it makes you look stupid. Your first 2 years count. So spend them wisely.

6. Don’t be in such a hurry to graduate. Sure it feels nice to be a college kid, but college is MUCH different! You are responsible for you, and no one will take pity on you! So enjoy your last few years of you teenage years!

7. Do not be the school hoe. Come on girls, you’re better than that! Keep your legs closed. Sex is okay, just not with the whole fucking football team.

8. Be yourself. I know, its kinda cliché, but you would rather find friends that accept you for who you are rather than who you pretend to be. High school is much easier when you surround yourself with people who don’t judge you for who you are.

-Jay c:

P.S. Love yourself c: (picture stolen from google images lol)


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