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One thing I hate is when people (primarily preteens/early teens) teenybop stuff I like to where I can no longer stand it. “what the fuck if teenybopping?” Teenybopping is a phrase I coined (but did not invent) to basically mean vast amounts of tweens who most likely know nothing about a series and turn it more into who’s the cutest character/ect. Still with me?
One of the biggest examples of this would be Twilight. Before Twilight even became a movie a read the books and liked them. Sure they weren’t a work of literary genius, but I enjoyed them a lot. Later came the first movie. I was really excited about it, but around the time of the second movie, I realized how many teenybopper fans it had. They cared more about who was teen Edward or Jacob than the anything else. I’ll be the first to admit Taylor Lautner is sexy as hell, but that shouldn’t be the focus of the entire series. The fandom made the series more about who had the coolest merchandise (don’t get me wrong, I love me some merchandise) than about the actual story. The fan base soon became full of crazed preteens that thought “Edward is so hot” that it really turned me off of the series. I fulfilled my obligation of watching it through to the end, but I no longer felt the love for it I had before. I became so worried if I even associated myself with the series id look like just another teenybopper fan. I no longer liked the movies and even felt a bias against the franchise because anytime i thought of it my love of it was clouded by my annoyance and association with the teenybopper fans. I now longer could remember the love i once had for it and began to hate everything about it. This fandom was officially ruined for me.

My biggest worry is that the teenyboppers will invade other things I love. For example the mortal instruments. I am in absolute love with the books and all though I don’t think invasion of the teenybopers could ever completely take my love of it from me, they could tarnish the series i have come to love.

Moral to the story: say no to teenybopping.

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