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So guys recently I’ve been into the show ‘Heroes’. I find myself intrigued with the thought of having these powers, these “mutations”, like a what if scenario. Its really interesting actually thinking about what powers I would have and what I would do with them. So I decided to tell you what I would do with the powers on ‘Heroes’. (Currently I’m just Ando….human lol)

Teleporting/Time Travel
-I would see history in the making c: Hiro did good with his powers c: he was my favorite c:

Spontaneous Regeneration
-I would jump off of a tower like Claire did a million times to test myself, see what I could do, then try to figure out a way to use that to help people.

-Hell I’d travel, free air fair. Also save cats from trees and shit. Ehh. All I know is I would use my power a lot more than Nathan does.

Mind Reading
-Probably do what Matt did. Use it for good, telling if people are lying. That’s an awesome thing.

Super Strength
-Pfft. I would go Bane on some assholes. Niki needs to learn how to use her power better, learn how to control Jessica, or Jessica could lay off a bit.

Future Telling
-I would predict the future, then try to help, idk….Isaac was kind of stupid with his power. He could have left when he found out Sylar was coming. (Idiot doesn’t even have a promo poster because he didn’t make it past season 1)

Technology Control
-Micah does good with his power, the whole ATM thing he did, best believe I would do it.

Power Absorption
-This all depends on how I get my powers, if its like Sylar, I’ll pass, if its like Peter, I would try to get all of the powers I could (that are useful). So I could be a vigilante.

-Jay c:

P.S. What power would you like to have, and what would you do to obtain it? Let me know c:


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