This Shit Is Annoying -Glittr

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This is the most annoying thing on facebook. People post this all over and it irritates the fuck outta me. Whether I choose to like a picture or not does not validate whether I love my mom or not. If you post stuff like this you’re basically an attention whore looking for likes. 

Another thing that annoys the hell outta me are pics like these: 



Obviously whoever posts these has a bias toward the “like option” and somehow thinks they are proving some sort of point with the picture, but we already know that 99.99% of the times the like category wins, simply because it is a lot less effort to like something as opposed to commenting on it. If you genuinely want to know which is better liked, ask people to comment their favorite, so the options are on equal grounds.

Anyways below are some pictures of this to see for yourself.





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