Teach You Thursday: Who to Get Your Weed From

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Okay guys, so I have a story for you from the very first time I’ve been high.

So it was spring break 2012. (I know I started late) I was at a best friends (HelloA) Spring Break party at her house. So I had started out the night with a few drinks and some Jello shots. I wasn’t tippsy, but If I had like 2 more drinks I would have been. So a few people I know from high school come over and is all like “Anyone wanna get high?” I looked over to my best friend (A) and she shook her head, but I decided why not, I’ve never done it before its on my bucket list so lets do it. So me, Glittr, and a few others go around the corner and they walk me threw the steps. I nod my head and we light up. The joint is all of a sudden passed to me. I take it and smoke it. I hold it in for a good few seconds and before I know it, I’m coughing. I felt like a newbie. I decided that 1 hit was enough. Well it turns out…1 hit was more than enough. The rest of the party I was freaking out thinking my parents were going to show up even though they didn’t know where the party was, then I was still drinking on top of that, so I really don’t remember what happened after a certain point. (There was cookies involved though. I remember going into the kitchen and saying “oohh cookies” and eating the whole plate.) I heard I drew smiley faces all over everyone and told them I loved them….it was also the night I kissed several girls. Now I bet you’re thinking….what’s the lesson here? Well I never smoke weed really from that person again. Every other time I got high, I was chill, feeling good, that time I was paranoid, jumpy. Not a great feeling. All in all trust the person you’re smoking from, or get the shit yourself!

-Jay c:

P.S. Any weird “First Time Stories”? Post them bellow!


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