My Pre-Party Ritual <3 -Glittr

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Just thought it’d be fun to talk about what i do to get “turnt up” for a party 🙂


1. Listen to crunk music. I gotta get in the zone to go party. I usually do this when i’m getting dressed. My favorite song right now is “We still in this Bitch” -B.O.B as well as “No New Friends”-Lil Wayne, Rick Ross and Drake.


My Spotify pre-party playlist^

2. Network about the party. This involves Facebooking about going, tweeting that im getting ready and checking the event page for the party if there is one. Also texting the people who i’m going with.

3.”Pre-gameing” this is basically code for getting some alcohol/mary jane in my system before the party starts. I’m not always able to do this one, it kinda just depends on when we leave/if we get the stuff ahead of time.

4. As far as getting dressed, i usually put on make-up, change my clothes a thousand times, flat iron my hair and ask everyone in my vicinity if i look ok.

5. Go to the gas station close to the party and buy a black and mild. I usually end up sharing it with my other nicotine loving friends (or they share one with me).

So that’s my ritual. What do you do before a party? Comment or tweet us!




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