My First Time Getting Drunk -Glittr

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So I was 16 at the time (10th grade) and my cousin was having her 21st birthday. I was with a few other people who I know would watch out for me and I wouldn’t be going home that night, so I figured, “why not?”

I started slow with a coke with only a little bit of alcohol in it, but quickly sped up when the jello shots came up. I really couldn’t taste the alcohol so I mistakenly assumed there wasn’t much in them. I took like 9 or 10 back to back, despite my cousin’s advice to slow down. On top of that, I was smoking a blunt not long before that (not my first time smoking). Soon I was outta there.

I remember telling a little toddler there that her mother didn’t love her repeatedly and how her mom was a bad mom (I have no idea why I said those things, I honestly had nothing against her). The little girl’s mom (my cousin’s home-girl) was pissed and ready to beat my ass. Luckily my cousin stepped in and reasoned with her. Soon of that I ended up passing out on the couch until the party was over.

The next morning was my first ever hangover. At first I was fine, so we “waked and baked” (smoke weed just after waking up) from a bong (I believe the bong was another first at that time). About 30 mins after the nausea set in and I threw up twice.

Moral to the story? Pace yourself, especially if it’s your first time drinking.


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