Cupcake Stage

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Before you get all excited over there, I’m not talking about actual cupcakes here, cupcake stage, a stage at the beginning of a relationship when the people involved actually give a fuck, a stage that fades pretty quick for most couples. you know, that gay ass annoying stage when your friends can’t keep their hands off of each other, texting every second, constantly talking about each other and looking like a loser when their phone buzzes. Honestly, this stage is mostly for “new” couples, you rarely see married people kissing all over in public which actually sucks. No girl that I know wants to lose those good morning texts or compliments about how she looks no matter how long you’ve been together so guys, don’t stop making your girl feel special just cause you’re an “old” couple. Spoon her, kiss her forehead, tell her how beautiful she looks in your T shirts and fuck her like you’ve waited your whole life :p  -A







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