Celebrity Hate is Getting Ridiculous -Glittr

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I get it, JB is really annoying, or maybe you find Lindsey Lohan needs to get her life right, i’m not saying you shouldn’t be able to voice your opinion, but when people start saying stuff like “she should go kill herself” or “like if you want her dead” is when it really starts to bother me. I get it, most people don’t actually mean it literally, but it’s still absolutely ridiculous and hateful. 

Celebrities can seem less like normal human beings than “normal people” but you gotta remember at the end of the day they are people and probably looking online seeing all the hateful shit you post. Would you like it if someone posted “like this to if you want(your name here) to die? Thought not. It’s ok to express your opinions on a singer or actor, but restrain yourself from saying stuff you really don’t mean, and think how what you say can impact the person if they were to see what you wrote.

Moral to the story, if you wouldn’t say it to a person face to face, just don’t post it. Whether you agree or not feel free to post your opinions on this.

XOXO Glittr



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