Jay’s Favs: Food to Have Around When You’re High

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Alright pot heads, there are certain foods that I like to have around when I’m baked. Here’s my top 5:

5. Jack-In-The-Box Tacos
-These little bastards are like heaven when trying to satisfy that craving hunger in your stomach. Their cheap too.

4. Cookies
– Funny story behind this. Party, first time being high….yeahhh…..

3. Burgers
– I find them very satisfying. If you can hit up some White Castle….do it bitches. Sadly there isn’t one where I live so I have to deal with the little frozen ones. (Harold and Kumar pun intended)

2. French Fries
– Nothing says “I’m high and I gots the munchies” like hitting up your favorite fast food restaurant at 2:00 A.M. for 4 large fries.

1. Pringles
– My ultimate baked food. I love this shit. Any flavor (Preferably BBQ/Dill Pickle) and I’m munching for hours.

-Jay c:

P.S. What’s your favorite snacks when you’re high? Check out Glittrs list as well C;


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