How to Hide From Your Parents that You Smoke -Glittr

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I thought i’d help you guys out a little for tricks to hide that you smoke from your parents. This is more aimed towards 17-21 age range still living with your parents and having to hide this from them. Anyways here are my tips.

1. Have a lotion or spray handy for after you’re done smoking. Make sure it’s not too strong or it will be obvious eventually. Get in the habit of wearing it regularly so not to bring up suspicion. Also make sure to rub the lotion on your fingers.

2.if you have a trouble with red eyes get some clear eye. If you wear contacts contact solution works for me pretty well.

3. Make sure all of your smoker stuff is well hidden, especially if you have nosey parents.

4.Have a jacket to wear over your clothes when smoking and try to smoke in open areas so the smell isn’t as strong. If it’s too hot for a jacket less clothes you wear the better. If you can borrow someones shirt who doesn’t care about hiding it.

5. If you can, as soon as you get the chance shower.

6. Have a person you hang with that your parents know smoke, so you can say it was that person. It’s good if that person is aware that ur the excuse. Also can say it was one of your friends parents or you were at a party around smokers. You can also use that person as a alibi if they find cigarettes or lighters. Just explain you were holding it for her/they left it in your car/ect

7.Make sure if you smoke on the patio/backyard ect to get rid of the evidence. Don’t leave cigarette butts or ashes lying around.

8. Be careful to not be seen by neighbors/friends of your,parents/ect

Ok that’s all I got feel free to comment your tips as well!
Ps some of this is from wikihow and some just from experience


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