Top 10 Movies to Watch High

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My list of the best movies to watch stoned.
10.Donnie Darko


This movie is one big wtf. You can never  understand what the hells going on sober, muchless high. And then you got this scary ass lookin bunny poppin out of nowhere. Obvious to see why this is the perfect high movie.

9.Anything Tim Burton


Seriously, any Tim Burton movie is fantastic high. Burton is known for his amazing picture and eccentric costumes.

8.Half Baked


A guy gets arrested feeding a diabetic cop horse sweets, need I say more?

7.Repo! The Genetic Opera


Hella trippy movie, tons  of trippy moments that will have you questioning if this is really what’s happening or you’re just that blazed.

6.Alice in Wonderland


Obvious choice. I’m still convinced Lewis Carroll was on some sort of substance when writing this trippy ass story. This movie has almost no plot.

5.Pineapple Express


Funny as hell high and twice as funny when you’re high. Then again I find all of Seth Rogan’s work absolutely hilarious.

4.Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle


One of my favorite movies. I think we can all relate to their stoner quest for the perfect meal. I know I get the munchies big time when on stoned. Word of advice, have some snackies on hand if you choose to watch this while lighting up.

3. Grandma’s Boy


Typical slacker we can relate to. Great movie high. It will have you rolling…literally.



Some  have difficulty understanding why you would go on an epic quest for twinkies when the world is turned to shit, but when you’re high you understand perfectly. Not to mention tons of funny parts in this movie.

1.Lone Ranger


This is just one big what the fuck is going on. The movie is fairly serious, then the scene randomly flashes to cannibal bunnies or a horse getting drunk. Seriously?! Alot of shit in this movie will just have you asking “Is this for real, or am I really that blowed?”

What’s on your stoner watch list? I’d love to hear from you.


2 thoughts on “Top 10 Movies to Watch High

    lovelylollipop said:
    07/09/2013 at 2:42 PM

    Zombieland is awesome 😀

    I’d add two french movies to your list:
    1997 Doberman
    2001 Brotherhood of the Wolf

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