This Pisses Me off… -Glittr

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I really feel the need to rant about this. Most of us have seen a picture like this on facebook or somewhere else around the internet. Basically someone takes a pretty girl and scrutinizes every less than perfect feature about her. Stop. Please just stop. Are you that insecure about yourself that you have to shit talk someone else to feel better about yourself? Would you like it if you were the one being scrutinized? After all, if Angelina Jolie is only a 2/10, what do you think us “average” girls are rated. I’ve seen some pretty ridiculous standards on these type of pictures, such as “jew nose” “lips too big” “wrinkles on hand” and “space between cleaveage”. Are you fucking kidding me. A lot of my so-called flaws are things that i pride myself in, because the set me apart.

Ok i’m done ranting. Below are some more pics of this bullshit. 

XOXO Glittr




2 thoughts on “This Pisses Me off… -Glittr

    gracexist said:
    07/10/2013 at 10:00 AM

    haha first time to encounter such pictures… haters really got time for the Photoshop thing

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