We Can’t Date If

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All the tweeters should be familiar with this trending topic, so here’s my reasons.
We can’t date if…
1.You aren’t open minded. Seriously, no way we can get along.

2. You’re super judgmental. I do a lot of crazy and stupid shit. Be prepared and I don’t need to feel like im constantly being scrutinized.

3. You can’t chill with my friends. Bros before hoes, chicks before dicks.

4. You don’t like to go out. I love parties and experiencing life in general.

5. You aren’t funny. Sorry you have to make me laugh.

6. You can’t keep up with my insanity.

7. If you’re a serial killer. Im sorry to offend anyone who may be one, but im just not ready for all that….

That’s my list, share some of yours with me now if you want.


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