What High School Has Taught Me <3 -Glittr

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As far as academics go, my educational value of high school was pretty slim, but I did learn some great lessons from high school.

-Who my “real friends” are. I went through a lot of friends in high school,  but high school eventually helped me find the majority of my best friends that i’m still super close with today. High school is an easy way to find friends with similar interests with you. After all, you see these people on a daily basis, not hard to gage people’s personalities.

-How to procrastinate like a pro. As a “advanced placement” student, I cannot begin to stress how much work we were given. Balancing social life and school work is not a simple feat, but through trial and error, you can easily determine exactly how close to the deadline you can work and still get everything turned in on time.

-How to use electronics and not get caught. We all know the official rule is no cell phones or electronics in class, but who ever listens to that? High school made me a champ at listening to my headphones when I should be working.

-How to lie. High school actually made me a really good liar. You were caught cheating on a test. What do you do? Calmly explain to the teacher how you weren’t actually looking at little Brenda’s scan tron, you simply thought you saw a spider on her desk and wanted to make sure it didn’t bite her.

-How to network. Remember that bitch from 1st period that somehow always felt the need to yell the stupidest things and you just wanted to tell her to STFU but you know you couldn’t because you’d end up suspended. Well, believe it or not restraining yourself was part of a very important life lesson. We have to learn to deal with people we don’t like every day.

Neways, other than that, I got nothin, so feel free to comment what you learned in high school.




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