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So I decided it would be a lot of fun to theme the week c: It will be fun c: here’s the themes in going to start with starting on Monday c:

Man Crush Monday – I’ll go ahead and go with the pop culture here and blog my man crush for the day c:

Rant about it Tuesday – I’ll rant about something that is bothering me.

Woman Crush Wendsday – you think the only women celeb crushes I have are posted in “Sexy Women?” nope those are just my top 5.

Teach you Thursday – I’ll post a story about something in my life. Then give you a moral about it.

Fuck That Friday – I’ll post something scary!

Sexy Saturday – just something sexy. Be it a person or a random thing I saw.

Random Sunday – I’ll take a picture of a random thing, then try to write a poem about it c:

-Jay c:

P.S. I will still be blogging things daily that doesn’t have to go with the theme.

Queue random Ferris Bueller quote:


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