Jay’s Favs: T.V. Shows

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Here are my top 5 T.V. Shows! (as seen on T.V. XD)

5. Sherlock
-The popular BBC adaptation of the popular Sherlock Holmes. This series is exciting, and Benedict Cumberbatch is an amazing Sherlock. Sherlock of course is my favorite character.

4. Ugly Betty
-I love this show! It doesn’t air anymore, but I wish it still did. I loved watching our corky dressing Betty Suarez figure out her life. It was funny and entertaining. I loved Daniel. He was always my favorite c:

3. The Walking Dead
-this show is crazy! The character deaths, the blood, the gore, its zombies, I absolutely love it. Just as long as Daryl lives. If he doesn’t, I’ll riot.

2. Supernatural
-this show is fucking amazing! I absolutely love it. I’ve seen every episode of this show up to season 7. I don’t know what I would do without it. (thank you for the renewal for season 9!) I absolutely love Castiel…and Dean.

1. Pretty Little Liars
-This show drives me nuts. I love everything about it. Seriously. Its like I can watch every episode 30 times and find a different clue everytime. I do hope that they reveal a lot more this season. I hate when the show doesn’t make any progress and we’re back to where we began. My favorite is Spencer Hastings. She’s a smart bitch.

Those are my top 5. Here’s the shows that I love, they just didn’t make it:

Two and a Half Men
The Vampire Diaries
The Big Bang Theory
Criminal Minds
Switched at Birth
Teen Wolf
Skins UK
Hell On Wheels

-Jay c:


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