Glittr’s Favorite TV Shows<3

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This is a list of my Top 11 All-Time Favorite TV Shows. Yea it’s a retarded number but i couldnt settle with just 10. Enjoy

11. 8 Simple Rules

This sitcom no longer runs, but this was my ish back in the day. Its basically about a Dad dealing with his 2 teen daughters growing up and experiencing sex, relationships and all that good stuff. If you like Kaley Cuco from Big Bang theory you should watch.

10.New Girl

I have a super cheesy sense of humor, so this show really peeks my interest. it’s a really funny and also new sitcom. Season 1 is now on Netflix so go check it out.


Shit goes down on this show. A great show for lovers of the paranormal and lovers of cute guys alike.

8.Dr. Who

Its a lot like Supernatural in some ways. Follow the Doctor and his companion throughout time and space! Haven’t quite finished it yet, but it is on my queue to do so.


7.That 70’s Show

My favorite sitcom. Lots of stoner jokes and it’s just a really funny show to watch. Good storyline too. 🙂

6. Pretty Little Liars

Really good drama. My favorite character is Emily. Keeps me hooked.

5. The Walking Dead

Really good. I love Daryl. Lots of gore. And amazing storyline.


4. Buffy The Vampire Slayer

I didn’t watch it til after it was off air. I am in love with this show!

3.Big Brother

The only reality show on my list. I hope to someday be on the show when i’m old enough. Wish me luck!

2.True Blood

Sooooo close to being my top show. It’s another vampire show, but not quite as gooey teeny booper. Lots of sex.

1.Game of Thrones

Shit gets real on this show. Its pretty much fucks with all the feels. Also, lots of sex. Best show ever!!

Annnd heres my honorable mentions. So close to being on my top 11 just barely didn’t make it.

Breaking Bad

How I Met Your Mother

Skins US

Skins UK

La Ink

Gossip Girl

The Secret Circle

The Vampire Diaries




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