Feeling Kinda Slutty Right Now

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So guess what just happened to me? I was minding my own business and someone dms me on twitter claiming he remembers dancing with me but never got a chance to get my number. My mind was a bit fuzzy so I checked his twitter for hints. Luckily I easily found out he was from my University so that narrowed the list, but still confused I asked for more info. Apparently I met him mid Feb at a birthday party and we fooled around (the fooling around that involves more than making out, less than sex). Well he asked if I remembered him and for the sake of not looking like a slut I claimed to remember him and continued with the convo. Well I guess it’ll come to me eventually. Now im just texting this random guy I don’t remember. He looks Indian or something, maybe Mexican.
Word of advice, to avoid my predicament, try and remember all of your hookups. Lol.


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