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Okay so there’s one thing I absolutely hate, and that’s having crushes. It makes me feel really girly. Sadly, I have them all the time. Last crush was a guy in my writing class. He was cute, and I liked him. It sucks when you like them, but they don’t like you. I never act on it being as though its only a crush, it will fade, but I know girls who have acted on them and gotten their feelings hurt. One thing I am guilty of doing is stalking Facebook pages. I’m pretty sure everyone has done that shit before. Its an easy way to keep tabs on the guy, what he’s doing, who he’s with, relationship status. Its stalking made easy. After the crush fades, I’m back to regular old me….or….maybe regular old me is the crush?! O.O just kidding….or not…you decide.

-Jay c:


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