Tattoos I Hope to One Day Get

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I currently have one tattoo right now, but I hope to get more. Above is a close up of my first tattoo. Its a cross with a purple rose on it. It’s really important to me, because it represents my religion and also reps my favorite color (purple). I like to get things that have some sort of significance to me. Anyways here are the tattoos I want to add to my list of tattoos.



A simple Sagittarius tattoo. I’m not sure what all I believe about horescopes, but I do know that my star sign describes me very accurately and says a lot about me. Im very adventurous and striving for knowledge, I don’t hold grudges and my ambition is to travel and experience new things.

A cupcake tattoo on my foot. The cupcake is pretty unimportant, it’s just something me and my female cousins decided we would get sometime next year. The reason i want it on my foot is because it’s really pretty and feminine and easy to hide when I want.


A Simba tattoo. Inspired by my obssesion with this movie ever since I was little. I seriously know this movie line for line.

Idk what I actually want for this one, but I would love to get a group tattoo with my best female friends, who happened to be the 3 bloggers im writing this with, HelloA, Jay and A. Why not my guy besties too? I don’t think they’d be down to do this.

A mother-daughter tattoo. I really wanna get a tat with my mom, I just gotta convince my mom to do it.

A Faith tattoo. It just really links back to my faith as well as a reminder to always have faith that everything will be ok.


Whelp, thats my list. I hope you liked it and maybe even draw inspiration for your own tattoos.




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