Jay’s Favs: Tatted Up c:

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So. I decided to copy Glittrs post and post the top 5 tattoos I wish to get sometime in my short lifetime c:

5. A Cheshire Cat tattoo.
-The Cheshire Cat has a significant place in my heart from my childhood. I always go by the quote “Every Adventure Requires a First Step” from the classic 1951 cartoon c: I was thinking somewhere on my back.

4. A Dove.
-Cliché, I know, but a small simple dove on my ankle is something I’ve always wanted c:

3. Mother Daughter Tattoo.
-Me and my mother are still throwing out ideas, but my moms addicted to tattoos, so it wasn’t hard to convince her. We are thinking our foot.

2. A cherry blossom (or a cherry blossom tree).
-I’m from Hawaii, and my favorite tree was a cherry blossom tree by my house. It brings back some great memories c: I want this on my back.

1. Infinity Sign.
-I’ve always loved these, they symbol a lot and can mean a lot c: I want this one on my wrist.

-Jay c:

P.S. I don’t have any tattoos…..yet


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