Slutty Confessions

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I draw inspiration from a twitter trend that’s going on as we speak. Soooo, here it is, my list of slutty, or just random confessions. This blog is super honest so like, brace yourself

-I’ve never had sex with anyone i’ve been “with”

-I’ve kissed 9 girls…wanna be my 10th? JK JK

-I’ve given a handjob….on the dance floor at a rave

-I’ve had drunk sex with someone i met at a party

-I’ve also gone to second base with a guy at a club

-I’ve had sex with my roomates in the room at the time in college…twice (once was on the floor…and yea, they were awake)

-I’ve had unprotected sex with a guy i was just hooking up with

-I lost my virginity at 15. Freshman year

-I’ve hooked up with several guys (not the sex kind of hookup, the 3rd base kinda hookup) that i never even got their name (nor did I care to learn it).

-I’m sure this one is fairly normal, but there are SEVERAL female celebritys that I would fuck without a second thought…my number one spot would be Mila Kunis

I know I sound like a huge slut, but im actually not as bad as i come across. I’m just very….adventurous. Idk, I guess everyone’s entitled to their own opinion. Check the twitter or feel free to comment (our twitter is on the contact us tab).




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