Jay’s Favs: Sexy Men!

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Okay so I decided to match with my Sexy Women post! Here’s my top 5 men c:

5. Adam Levine! He’s my rockstar god! Not much needs to be said about him but DAYYYM!

4. Danny O’Donoghue! This Irish singer from the band ‘The Script’ is seriously one fine man! Why does he beat Adam? Because he has an Irish accent c:

3. Anton Yelchin! This adorable actor has stolen a small portion of my heart! I love his movies and I love just seeing him c:

2. Channing Tatum! God god god! This guy right here is the definition of sexy! I mean god! Why isn’t he number 1? Because there’s one man who fulfils my every need c:

1. Chris Pine! I talk about him all the time! He is my soul mate, my other half, my everything! I love you Chris!

-Jay c:

P.S. Check out this gallery of my favorite pics from my #1:


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