Parenting…..You’re Doing it Wrong.

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So as I was scrolling through Facebook, I found this picture. I was so dumbfounded by what was going on in it, my brain almost exploded. This is fucking ridiculous! Teaching your child such a degrading way of life because you’re a sorry excuse for a parent? Seriously? I know I’m no role model, but damn, wanting your child to grow up and become a hoe is seriously something else. Instead of implanting a negitive way of life, teach your child to read or write! Her ABCs, not how to twerk that ass or how to take a dick in the ass! Shes only 3 bitch! Women like this, need to have their ovaries removed because if you don’t want the absolute best for your child so they have a bright future that doesn’t include a pole or a corner, then you are no parent.

-Jay c:


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