My Little Rant on The Secret Life of the American Teenager

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Alright, so before you say, “Give the show a chance. It gets better.” No, it does not. I have watched all 5 seasons and it was pretty awful. “Well  why the fuck did you watch all five seasons?”. That my friends, is a question i cannot answer. I have this thing where if I start a show, I feel obligated to finish, no matter how terrible it is.

This show was really bad. First, Ben has to be my most hated character. That guy was just stuck on stupid. Who the fuck marries someone purely to get back with their ex? Then he see’s Adrian on the floor crying about losing their baby, but decides to be an asshole and dip. Also he’s constantly trying to get with Amy. He can’t ever seem to get over her and it’s super annoying. I think I could spend  a whole post on Ben so I’m gonna quit now.

Then we also have Madison and Lauren. All I have to say about them: what the hell are they even doing on the show? They’re both pretty irrelavant characters that have almost no  story line and show up randomly to all the gatherings and what-nots.

Ok next is the main character Amy. She’s just a little bitch. Point blank. She thinks everything revolves around her. News flash: you’re a mom now get the fuck over yourself! She’s always whining about her sister, or her mom or Ricky. This girl can never just be happy.

Also, i’d like a brief moment just to say this: What the fuck? Why is it that these characters always want what they don’t have? Adrian always tries to get back with Ricky, Amy with Ben or Ricky, whichever one she’s not with at the time, Ricky with Clementine or Amy, but he only truly wants Amy when they’re separated, Ben wants to constantly be with Amy until his little epiphany and Grace always wants Jack. It seems like they always want what they can’t have.

So what do you think? Feel free to comment your opinion. Did I miss something you find annoying? Feel like I hit it on the nail? Let me know!




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