Love or Whatever

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I was never really the “Love” type. I was never in search of Mr. Right, I wasn’t worried about being alone forever with 30 cats, I just like to take things one step at a time. Actually, I was kind of like a guy, dating 2 or 3 guys at a time until I got bored, running away from the idea of commitment and spending more time with my friends than any boyfriend. Now I find myself in bed with the same guy every night, making lunch (ramen) for two, making decisions that involve US not ME, thinking about every little thing I do so I don’t fuck this one up. I was a crazy ball, now I finally have my chain. The thing is, I didn’t sit around waiting for him, I have fun, experienced life and relationships before I tied myself down. So many young girls these days are only focused on finding that one guy and terrified of being alone. Dude, have some fun and let that guy do the same for a while, take time to learn who       you are and what you want before you decide you want to commit yourself to someone else. -A


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