Drinking Age

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So why does America have to be so different from everyone else and their law on the age of drinking? Everywhere else I know of, its 18? What I really don’t understand is that we can ruin our lungs with cigerettes, but can’t damage our liver with alcohol? We can get into clubs and legally have sex with anyone we want to, but we can’t sit at home and have a beer? I mean if we’re legally considered an adult in the eyes of the government, and can get tried as an adult in court, then I damn sure want all the perks of it! I want to be able to walk into a bar and order a drink, I want to be able to drink in a club without having to have a guy buy it for you, I want that freedom. If you want me to act like an adult, then treat me like one! Let me get drunk on the weekends damnit! (legally anyways)

-Jay c:


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