Party and Drinking Ideas/Games

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Ever feel like your drinking routine is kinda boring? Wanna keep it exciting but can’t come up with  Well im here to help! Here’s some games and ideas me and my friends have all tried from one time or another. Some of these you probably are familiar with, but have a twist to it.

Suck And Blow

This is a game me and my friends play ALL THE TIME. You basically get in a circle and the first person sucks to hold the card up using just your mouth and the next person takes the card using only your mouth sucking in air. The card circles around. If you make the card falls you’re out and the next round commences until only 1 person is left. An alternative rule is everytime someone is out you must take a shot.

I have never/ 10 Fingers

This is a game my friends play just as much as suck and blow. There are to versions to this game. The drinking version: Everyone takes turns saying something they have never done (Ex: kissed a girl, smoked weed, had a hickey) each time you’ve done something your friend said they have never done, you have to drink. Nondrinking version: Everyone holds up 10 fingers. Each person takes turns saying something they have never done. if you’ve done it, you have to put a finger down. The person with most fingers at the end wins. Great for small groups or parties.

Skittles Vodka

Skittles vodka is super fun and easy to make. Just take all of one color skittles and put them in the bottle. It tastes really yummy!

Gummy Bear Vodka

Super easy to make too just let the voka sit in the gummy bears for an hour.

Truth or Dare

Everyone should know how to play this game, if it helps make it more interesting, there are tons o free apps. You can even choose what level of seriousness you want on the apps. To keep others from picking truth the whole time, you can put a limit on how many times it can be choosen.

Kings Cup/ Waterfall

Kings is a drinking game. Take a deck of cards and mix them. People take turns picking up cards. The rules are listed below as to which card means, or you can find alternate versions online.

Movie Drinking Games

There are a ton of ways to play. Simply pick a fav movie/tv show and drink everytime something on the list happens. You can make your own rules beforehand, or find rules online using google images.

Have fun and enjoy. Have any ideas for us? Comment or post on twitter @theanonymoUS_4




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