Miley Cyrus humps beds?

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Okay guys. I’m gonna review…….Miley Cyrus’s new music video for “We Can’t Stop”. All in all from the moment I began the video…..I regretted it. For 3 minutes, I watched Miley grab asses and hump a bed while dancing with a giant teddy bear. I think you could compare it to soft core porn. Although I do happen to like the song, the video is tasteless. I understand the song is a party song (just like every other song out there right now.), but seriously you don’t need to wear skimpy clothes and dance around like a hoe. One line in the song is seriously shit. Talking about chicks with big asses shaking it in a fucking strip club? You’re not hardcore Miley…you were on Disney channel for fucks sake! I understand you trying to break your whole bright eyed country girl image, but do it in a tasteful way! You in all white shaking your ass isn’t by any means tasteful! Its just sexualizing your image.
-Jay c:
P.S. Check out the video yourself! Tell me what you think! Here’s a little preview below!


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