Last Friday Night!

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So guys! I was thinking…I’m a broke ass college student, but I like to have fun like I have money, so I figured I would make a list of the top 10 things you could do on a Friday night if you’re a jobless, moneyless, hobo (or college student c:).

10. If you live next to a big city like L.A., S.F., Dallas, Las Vegas, ECT. Then go downtown!
-Seriously! Sometimes walking around your cities streets you can find some cool things! Street shows are free and entertaining!

9. Get to the club before 10!
-If you’re on a budget and can either afford the pay to get in, or a few drinks, then afford the drinks by trying to get to your club before 10! Usually its free, sometimes its discounted!

8. Have a movie night!
-I know its absolutely nothing like drinking and having a good time, but after the movie, get your music pumping and shake that ass! Sometimes the best times are the simplest!

7. Movies!
-Some places movies are expensive, where I live, its not too bad. If in your city its $25 for 2 movie tickets, refer back to number 8. If not, enjoy the Cinemas!

6. Drive!
-Grab a group of friends and drive to a dark scary location, remember to think of every horror movie you have ever seen. This is lots of fun! You have one hell of a time, and a crap ton of memories!

5. Go out for a quick bite!
-Waffle House is super cheap and amazingly fun with a group of people. Even dress like some stupid shit! I went there at 3:00 in the morning dressed like a hippy once. That was lots of fun!

4. Night swimming!
-Pack a cooler of cheap things with a large group of people and head out to your local beach, lake, or pool! I know beaches and lakes have curfews, but they are usually later at night! Enjoy it!

3. Host a scavenger hunt!
-So me and my friends have done this before and man is it fun! Its super competitive! Do this at night for an even harder game!

2. Buy a bottle of cheaper liquor, sit out in an open field and watch the stars.
-Nothing says summer like a chill night under the stars! So get drunk and enjoy!

1. Attend a frat party!
-Those are usually free for the ladies and alcohol will most likely be in attendance! If its BYOB, get that cheap vodka in the plastic bottle! Its like 15 bucks and there’s a lot of it! If it gets you drunk, don’t give a fuck!

-Jay c:


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