I Kissed A Girl…..Did I like it?

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Alright guys, some of you guys know..I have kissed a girl(s) before. That I have to say was quite an experience. I was a bit shell shocked that I was dared to do that, but then again I was at a spring break party with a bunch of drunk horny 17 year old seniors. It was a bit ironic because me and my best friend had just finished having a conversation about kissing a girl a little earlier in the day. I said I wouldn’t do it…..unless they were fucking Megan Fox…..because who the fuck in their right mind would deny a kiss with Megan Fox? Anyways, the kiss just so happened to have gone down between me and our other blogger….Glittr. Yeah I know OMG! This shit should be in TMZ! I was so nervous before it happened that she actually had to make-out with our other blogger (HelloA) before she made out with me. When she kissed me, she shoved her tongue in my mouth….it was so weird! Before that I have never tongue kissed before! To make matters even more awkward…you have fellow blogger A (who was really drunk) in the background screaming “MEGAN FOX!” I was honestly too drunk to even remember what happened after I broke away. I do remember telling her later in the night that she was a good kisser. For those of you who are wondering, yes I am straight, but kissing a chick was an experience nonetheless and honestly, I’m not sure I would do it again. Who the fuck am I kidding I probably would if I was drunk enough.

-Jay c:


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