How To Be Megan Fox Sexy

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So i’m at risk for sounding really cheesy here, but if you really wanna be sexy, you have to believe you’re sexy. Bear with me here. Think about the sexiest person you can think of (for me it’s Mila Kunis). Now think about what makes them so attractive to you. It’s the way they present themselves. They know they’re the shit. They know they look good. That’s what makes them so alluring. They all have flaws, but you overlook those flaws because all you see is their confidence.

Just take a minute to look at her. The longer you look, the more imperfections you see, but her confidence makes her.

Ok now you’re probably like “Ok, I get it, confidence is sexy, but how does that help me any?” So i’m going to try and help you out here. What I want you to do is look in a mirror. Now i want you to say everything you like  about yourself. It may take you a minute to come up with a substantial list at first so get creative. Do you have good ankles? Good shoulder support? Well say it. Try to do it once a week. Its fine to repeat stuff you already said, but try to come up with at least one new thing.  If it helps here’s my list of things I like:

-I like my legs. They’re smooth and I like that they’re thick

-My eyes. They’re pretty and blue

-My cheeks. Lol they’re defined and not chubby.

-My boobs. 🙂

-My curves. like the actual curves on my sides

-My arms.

So just give it a chance. You’d be surprised at how much it helps. Oh and every time you go out, look in the mirror and just tell yourself “Im sexy. Damn I look good”. It helps if you wear what makes you feel good.Wear that cute top that you know looks good, or those sexy new pair of heels. Once you think you look good, others will believe it too.




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