The Truth About Thongs

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Let’s get honest with ourselves ladies. When we buy a thong it’s not to hide a panty line. Sure there’s a few occasions we may use it for that but that’s not why we bought it. We bought it to look sexy. Not necessarily for guys (or girls, no judgment) but for ourselves. I know  when I wear a cute pair of underwear, I feel more attractive in my own mind. The first time I ever got a thong was really embarrassing to me. I was 13 the summer before 8th grade. I was shopping with some girls a little older than me and our moms. My mom told me to get some of the underwear since they were pretty cheap and cute. On of the older girls picked out a thong and I immediately wanted to feel like that cool older girl, but I was too embarrassed to ask my mom, so I grabbed a few cute pairs and hid a thong in the middle. My thought process was if she saw it, I could always claim I picked it up by mistake. When I put them in the buggy, my mom somehow noticed the fabrically challenged pair and inquired me about it infront of our little group. I denied them super embarrassed so my mom dropped it, but she did let me keep them, much to my embarrassment. Thankfully shopping for thongs has become alot less embarrassing since that first time.
Girls, it’s ok to want to feel sexy. If your underwear make you feel more confident in your body then why not? Just make sure the string doesn’t show over the top of your bottoms. That can be embarrassing.



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