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Alright guys, so this is a rant/warning for all the young 12-14 year old girls out there who can’t seem to find clothes that didn’t come from the toddlers section….

So me and one of my best friends walked into WalMart today (yes WalMart, the place where ratchet is bred.) and saw a group of young girls dressed as if they were going to lets say……their corner (I know I’m mean). For starters, I cannot begin to even explain how matted this girls weave was! Take a brush to your hair girl! Even if that shit is fake! The second thing I noticed was she was wearing….dare I say it….tights as pants! (big surprise I know!) girls…..tights or leggings (whatever the fuck you call them) are ment to be worn under another piece of clothing, it is not cute to wear them as pants! Please do the world a favor and dress like a normal human being! I mean damn, jeans are not a hard thing to put on! To make matters worse, she apparently spotted a “friend” of hers, and as she realized who he was, she made the most obnoxious sound. It sounded like a cross between a dying whale and the mating sound of a giraffe. I literally almost slapped this girl out of pure fear that she was going to devour my soul and damn it to an eternity in hell. Her friends were so embarrassed that they DITCHED her as soon as she ran up to the poor boy in the check out line in front of us. He tried his best to be nice and let her know he wasn’t interested, but its hard not to laugh when my best friend is mocking her every move behind her back. I literally was paralyzed by laughter as the boy tried his hardest to avoid looking behind her to a couple of girls in pajamas buying batteries laughing and mocking this girl. Hey, if you put yourself out there like that you seriously deserve to be laughed at. So let this post be a little lesson…please! Remember to always look in the mirror before walking out of your house!

-Jay c:


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