My Fuckett List (things on my bucket list I’ve accomplished already)

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-Do hookah

This was done my first year of college I went to a hookah lounge by my college.
-Kiss/ Makeout with a girl

Ha I have done this one MANY times over but the first would be in sixth grade with my bestie at the time.
-Ride a mechanical bull

Also a college experience. They had free bull riding so I figured, why not?
-Have sex

It was nothing special, I was 15 my first time
-Oxygen bar

College, it was free at my school
-Shoot a gun

I went with a church group at my college
-Get drunk at a party

Triple check
-Smoke weed

Ha I’ve done most of my weed bucket list stuff, from a pipe, a blunt, joint, take a charge…the only thing left is weed brownies.
-Visit another country

I took a cruise to Mexico and went snorkeling for my fifteenth birthday with my bestie. We had a teen club and virgin daquiris, it was amazing
-Try a 4loko

Check, 17 on a playground with my current bestie and her bf
-Go to a club

Right after senior skip day with 2bffs and their bfs (the only ones old enough to go)

Lol no details shall b given 😛
-Drink alcohol at new years

This past year actually
-Skinny dip

I snuck out the house I was maybe 13 and went with my now exstepsister who was about a year younger than me.
– Try ectasy

Just once, it didn’t do too much it was a dolphin
-See a concert

Done this a few times now
-Lights all night

It’s a concert type thing for new years
-Oral sex

Kinda obvious from 69 but this was a little before that. Not a slut only did this one with one guy!
-Foam party

First month of college the school had one

My mom was a range master in my gs days
-Ride in a plane

To Florida for a national competition
-belly piercing

It was on my 16th bday went with my mom and bf at time

Right after I was 18, Obama
-Give blood

My school did a blood drive. I sweated and threw up
-Graduate HS

A small,feat but accomplished nonetheless
-Smoke at school

Pretty dumb, senior in hs, just a cigarette. I’ve also drank in school
-get an industrial

Friday the 13th the night before prom

-Body shot

Both given and recieved


just before my 19th bday

Ok that’s all I got right now


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