My Bucket Listttt <3 -Glittr

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Ok so i thought i might share my bucket list with you all. Maybe later i’ll go back and tell about things i’ve crossed off since making this. If you have ideas im always looking for them so feel free to share

1. Mile High Club

2. Weed brownies or any weed edible

3. Kiss in the rain

4. Go on a road trip with friends

5. 21 shots for 21st birthday

6. Smoke weed on a rooftop of a house or empty building

7. Take a vacation in Costa Rica

8. Audition to be on the reality show Big Brother

9. Get a matching tattoo

10. Go sailing

11. Participate in a flash mob

12. New Years in New York

13. Kiss someone on New Years

14. Wine tasting

15. Hot air Balloon

16. Ride an elephant

17. Go in a Submarine

18. Go skiing

19. White water Rafting

20. vegan for a week

21. Sex in a pool or hot tub

22. Go gambling

23. Do paintball

24. Sky dive

25. Do that bungee jump thing at six flags or the fair

26. Get a foot tattoo

27. See a Broadway play on Broadway

28. Ride in a limo

29. Toga party

30.Fall in love

31. Go to France

32. Visit a real castle

33. Go to Either Disneyland or Disney world

34. Get a lottery ticket (the one you have to pick numbers for)

35. try a rolled cigarette

36. Vegas baybayy

37. Attend a epic bachelorette party (either a friends or my own)

38. Be someone’s maid of honor

39. Get a tattoo at either Ny or Miami Ink

40.Pop a molly

41. Blind Date

42.See Cirq de Souili live

43.Go ziplining

44. Kiss someone famous or semifamous


46. Pro massage

47. Acupuncture

48. See Victorias secret fashion show live

49.Get kicked out of a bar

50. Read all Game of Thrones Books

51.Donate a legit amount to a charity

52.Carve my name in a tree with someone

53. Go on a date or party on a yaht

54. Get drunk in Irreland

55. Ride in a helicopter

56. Smoke weed in either Amsterdam or Jamica

57 Go swimming at a waterfall

58. Get married or attend a Vegas Wedding

59.Ride first class

60.Ride in a taxi

61.  Carlos bake shop

62.Pet a tiger

63.Naked twister

64.Spa resort

65.See northern lights

66.Go in an igloo

67.Infinity pool

68.Go to Fiji

69. Dream Wedding

70.Kiss under mistletoe

71.Stay in a penthouse

72.Stay awake 48 hours

73. Visit a nude beach

74. Shower Sex

75. Female strip club

76. Mardi Gras in New Orleans

77. Mid evil Times

78. Try acid or shrooms

79. Try k2

80.Try to make my own beer and drink it

81.Graduate college

82.24 hours no talking

83. Ride in a train

84. Anal sex

85. comedy club

86. ABC Party

87. Paint party

88. Keg stand

89. Participate in a street race

90. Say,yes for day

91. Get crazy piercing

92. Go streaking

93. Mile High club




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